Johnny Manziel's NFL career wasn't exactly a successful one. Numerous off-the-field issues eventually led to his downfall as he was forced to go to the CFL. His career with the Montreal Alouettes was no different as he was effectively banned by the entire league for an undisclosed breach of his contract. He even went to go play in the AAF although the same week he joined the league, it ended up disbanding in epic fashion. Now, it's unclear as to what Manziel is doing, although it's clear that he won't take any disrespect.

Recently, sports business reporter Darren Rovell took to Twitter with a tweet that contained two sports magazine covers. One featured A-Rod and the other, Manziel. Rovell's point was that at the time, A-Rod was at his lowest point while Manziel was the next big thing. Now, Rovell is noting that the roles have reversed. Of course, Manziel didn't like this and quickly replied by saying "Seven years later and you’re still as big of a bitch as ever."

Owning Darren Rovell on Twitter has become a past time for many, so as you can expect, there were numerous onlookers who sided with the former football star. As for the backflip mentioned in Rovell's tweet, well, you can watch it below and judge it for yourself.