Johnny Manziel's career in the NFL was short-lived and his stints in the CFL and AAF didn't last much longer. As a result, Manziel recently vowed that he is officially retired from football and that the sport he once loved is now completely behind him. Despite this, there are now some rumblings that he could be coming back to the field in a new league that is backed by the likes of Quavo, Mike Tyson, and even Marshawn Lynch.

The league in question is the Fan Controlled Football league which only has four teams and will be played in an Arena. Based on early reports, all of the play calls will be dictated by fans, which is sure to be an interesting gimmick. According to TMZ, Manziel is in talks to play for the Zappers which is a team owned by baseball player Trevor May and comedian Bob Menery.

Johnny Manziel

Joe Robbins/AAF/Getty Images

It remains to be seen whether or not this league will be a hit although if Manziel signs on, he will certainly be their biggest star. The idea of a league controlled by the fans is intriguing and with the arena format in play, this could very well be the Spring football many have been looking for.

The season will begin after the Super Bowl in 2021, and games will be streamed on Twitch which means the league will be very accessible.