After receiving what is likely a lifetime ban in the CFL, Johnny Manziel was cleared to resume his footballing career in the US of A, with the AAF (Alliance of American Football) particularly interested in his services. It was reported that Manzeil was back on the field training, with the XFL relaunch, and the AAF his best options if he were to hit the field running, so to speak.

Christian Petersen/AAF/Getty Images

As it turns out, the AAF was the better of those two options, as the league made its intentions known the player via the press. "We want to be a league of opportunity to the best available players, assuming they are available contractually, with a clean bill of health and a clean criminal record," the AFF's co-founder Charlie Ebersol explained in the wake of Manziel's sudden availability. However, Ebersol did later say he would be looking into the details concerning Manziel's dismissal before making a decision.

After investigating the matter at hand, and consorting with Manziel's agent, the troubled quarterback was placed on the AAF waiver wire where he was ultimately snatched up by the Memphis Express after the highest seed relinquished their privileges in the process, that being the  San Antonio Commanders managed by former Super Bowl Winner Daryl Johnston.

After watching the ink on the deal run dry, the Alliance's other co-founder Bill Polian spoke at length about the excitement of adding a player of Manziel's caliber. "We are pleased to welcome Johnny Manziel to Alliance of American Football, which we've always described as a league of opportunity for talented players to launch or revitalize their pro football careers," Polian expressed in a written statement posted last night.

Manziel is believed to be reporting to his new team this afternoon. The AAF, in its 6th week of action, is consequently enjoying its first year of existence with the backing of several NFL greats, including, of course, Manziel's new coach on the Memphis Express, NFL Hall of Famer Mike Singletary. As you'll recall, the former Bears' linebacker went on to coach at the NFL-level after calling it quits as a player, most recently with the LA Rams as a defensive assistant, and the San Francisco 49ers as the head coach position between 2008-2010.