Johnny Manziel's rise from the proverbial sidelines isn't without cringe worthy sound bites and near-misses. Manziel has been flirting with idea of plying his trade in Canada where the game is actually played differently, with respect to yardage and down rules. Although the idea of venturing of Canada is a fallback option for the former Heisman winner, it would be the distraction-free opportunity he could use to relaunch his career. Something tells me his dalliances with the dark side are not fully cast behind him.

Wednesday morning, Manziel sat down with radio impresario Dan Patrick on his syndicated program to discuss his setbacks. To my surprise, Manziel isn't willing to take full responsibility for his failings. Manziel partially blames the Cleveland Browns organization for not properly scouting him ahead of the draft, claiming "If Cleveland did any of their homework, they would have known that I was a guy that didn't come in every day and watch film."

He did take responsibility for his lapses in the offseason leading up to his debut, admitting that he lacked the discipline required of a person in his position. Hopefully Manziel can put his personal paradoxes to rest, it's for the best. I don't think anyone in their right mind wants to see him waste his talent if the proper work ethic is put into application.