Just when things were looking up for Johnny Manziel as he entered the AAF, his wife Bre Tiesi split up with him after he allegedly betrayed her trust. A couple of weeks later, the AAF would fold and Manziel was left without a job. Since then, Manziel has made some public appearances here and there while Tiesi has seemingly been able to thrive after their break up. 

She recently got a tattoo of his initials removed and now, she has sought out the art services of Al Bassar Holly for some interesting body paint. For those who don't know Al Bassar Holly's work, he is a new artist who can recreate some pretty iconic cartoon characters. He is also known for painting these characters onto women's butts. Holly blessed Tiesi with a picture of Lola Bunny across her cheeks which is too NSFW to show, although you can see the image here. You can also see some of his work below.

With pictures like these, you have to be asking yourself what Manziel must be thinking right now. No one knows exactly what happened between the two but those Lola Bunny photos would make any man jealous.