The production of the "Joker" movie starring Joaquin Pheonix took a strange turn last weekend. Many people were working on-set in an unnamed subway station. For some reason, extras were made to enter a train and were subsequently stuck in the immobile vehicle. The events that followed are putting the production company in hot water.

The extras were locked in the Brooklyn subway car for more than three hours during the filming underground. The actors are said to have been denied a break and locked in the train. Since they did not get the break they were entitled to after two hours of work, some of them had to relieve their bladders on the tracks. They opened the doors that connect the cars and pissed in between them.

Sources say that the situation became dire to the point of actors banging on the subway doors in lamentation. They were begging to be freed from the vehicle, but their efforts were in vain. 

According to reports, a complaint was filed with the Screen Actors Guild, which will monitor the situation. Warner Bros. is also said to be investigating the incident.

The Joker is set to hit US theaters on October 4, 2019.