Jon Jones failed a drug test recently which forced Dana White and the UFC to move his fight against Alexander Gustafsson from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. In order to promote the fight, the UFC hosted one of its signature press conferences. Usually, these press conferences can be pretty entertaining but yesterday turned sour when Jones belittled a reporter for simply doing her job.

The Swedish MMA reporter asked Jones about why he failed his drug test, a question that was met by boos and a quick "next question" from Jones who smirked at White. She then followed up by asking White why Jones is still being allowed to fight and hasn't been suspended like other fighters. This prompted Jones to tell her "you suck" and demanded better journalism.

Later in the press conference, Brett Okamoto from ESPN asked a similar question. This time Jones replied saying “I think my trying to prove any type of innocence is going to be virtually impossible before the fight, because of the controversial image I have."

The exchange between Jones and the female reporter prompted some outrage on Twitter with MMA reporter Ariel Helwani commenting on the situation saying "that was horrible."

Jones will fight Gustafsson tomorrow in the light heavyweight main event.