Jon Bones Jones is easily one of the best and most exciting fighters in the UFC right now. His fights attract a ton of attention and with a record of 23-1, the fighter has been a beacon of consistency. Jones will be fighting Anthony Smith on Saturday in UFC 235, where he will be defending his light heavyweight title. Jones spoke to TMZ Sports ahead of the fight and explained how he hopes to be like the Floyd Mayweather of the UFC and eventually reach a record of 50-0. Jones' only loss was a disqualification for throwing illegal elbows, although he was winning the fight when it happened. For Jones, that loss shouldn't count against his record.

"I think 50-0 would be a really great number [...] no one's ever done it," Jones explained. "That puts you up there with Mayweather and some of the all-time greats in boxing."

Jones also talked about how he could potentially be setting up a fight against Daniel Cormier, although, if the UFC wants him to fight him in the heavyweight division, the money has to be right.

"[The UFC] can convince me to fight Daniel Cormier," Jones said. "We give the fans what they want to see."

The fighter is 31 years old but explained that he still has quite a few great years ahead of him and plans to eventually reach that 50-win mark.