Jonah Hill is quite the busy man these days. The actor went deep into his mind to star in Netflix' limited series Maniac and now he's out promoting his upcoming work Mid90s. He all know him from the countless movies he's contributed to as an actor but he's also an established filmmaker at this point. His directorial debut, Mid90s, will focus on an era of skateboarding and hip-hop in the mid-1990's. The soundtrack is filled with nostalgic tracks that bring back memories for Hill and he recently sat down with Genius to discuss just what about the 90's makes him so eager to revisit them.

Of course, he reflected on the music that was released then, stating that hip-hop music acted as an "emotional backbone" for him when growing up.  He noted that hip-hop has always been misused in film so this is his chance to portray A Tribe Called Quest as heroes, much like The Beatles were to his parents. He then offered his picks for a Top 5: Dead or Alive list, which contains a few great picks. He includes acts like A Tribe Called Quest, Big L, Gang Starr, Mobb Deep, and Kendrick Lamar on his list, proving his heart truly resides in the 90's. 

Considering the rest of his choices, Kendrick Lamar may be a bit of a surprise to some. He feels strongly that Pulitzer Kenny is the future, which many would agree with, dubbing him "one of the most singular important artists." Do you agree with his choices?