Earlier this week, one lucky fan was lucky enough to catch a picture of Jonah Hill at the perfect moment. In one instant, Jonah Hill was a mythical celebrity, in the next, we were all reminded of an important life lesson: celebrities are human too. The camera caught him dropping his iced-coffee just as the lid dislodged from the base- an incredibly human moment.

The image went viral on Twitter after users found the seriousness of Jonah Hill’s face juxtaposed to the falling cup hilarious. The original tweet reads, “s/o to Jonah Hill, always cool, calm, and collected. Even in the face of imminent disaster.”

The picture went viral immediately and turned into a meme. Jonah Hill has now responded to the virality of the image with a post acknowledging the situation on Instagram reading, “The internet has been very interested in this photo of me dropping my coffee. But we’re all forgetting the real tragedy here. We’re forgetting to mourn this coffee. I didn’t know it long but damn was our time together special. As fleeting as it was. I’ll never forget you. ☕️ ❤️.” The four-part post begins with a meme version of the image saying “When you did your routine but your skin betrayed you,” and ends with increasing zoomed-in photos of the isolated coffee cup.