Kanye West debuted his eighth studio album, Ye last night for a crowd of journalists, influencers, fellow artists, friends and family at midnight in Wyoming. It's a strange location to bring a crowd of people to but Kanye West didn't disappoint. The majority of us regular folks either waited until the album dropped on streaming services or for those who were that eager to hear what he had up his sleeve, they watched the WAV livestream. Everyone from Candace Owens to 2 Chainz was spotted in the crowd. Jonah Hill was also in attendance and he explained the importance of the 'Ye's listening party in Wyoming.

Despite Kanye's Trump support and TMZ comments, people were still stoked to hear what Kanye had up his sleeve for his next album. Pitchfork spoke to Jonah Hill ahead of the debut of Ye. Hill explained that Kanye still remains a childhood icon for him and travelling to Wyoming to hear Kanye's album for the first time was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“He’s the one person who I have an unending childhood kind of fascination with. I still look at him like I’m a little kid, and he’s a superstar,” he said. "When I decided to come here, I thought, ‘It’s like if someone got to hear Thriller in the middle of Wyoming.’"

With Ye finally here, does it live up to your expectations? Sound off in the comments.