Jordan Peele was in Austin last night for the South by Southwest premiere of his upcoming film Us. Everyone involved with the anticipated film, including leads Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke, were all there celebrating yet another box office project by Jordan. The moviemaker chatted with Variety while at the event and explained why the script for Us involved less weed smoking compared to his previous film, Get Out. 

“I didn’t know if [‘Get Out’] was ever going to get made,” Jordan previously stated of his past film. “I’d go home, smoke a little bit of weed and I would write. I would watch this movie in my head, this movie that I wish somebody would write for me to watch and that was it.”

As for the reason why his habit lessened, he said it's due to fatherhood. “I’ve got a son now. I’ve got responsibilities," he explained.“I had to make this movie efficiently and now that I know people will listen, I had a whole different responsibility. I’m getting my act together.”


As for why people should see his next film, Jordan said there are lots "of messages to take away.”

“What I have talked about so far is that we as a culture, we are afraid of invaders. We are afraid of the outsider. Our fear lies in this idea that a bad guy is coming to get us. This movie is about the fact that we are our own worst enemy.”

Us hits theatres March 22nd.