Jordan Peele may not be making hilarious skits with his partner-in-crime Keegan-Michael Key, but he’s moved on to making feature-length films (and a baby) and is out promoting his directorial debut Get Out (which has gotten awesome ratings so far). During a promotional stop on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host convinced Peele to break out his classic Obama impersonation. Given Obama is currently on vacation, Peele gave us a twist on his usual impersonation: Drunk Obama.

While we have no way to tell if this is an accurate impersonation of whether Obama actually sounds like this when he’s gone off the liquor, we’re going to believe its accurate until we see otherwise. Obviously, Jordan Peele’s Obama impersonation is based on the madness that’s happening with Donald Trump’s presidency, and we’re bummed it doesn’t go on for longer. Watch it below and go see Get Out.