Amazon has ordered 10-episodes of a new period drama hailing from executive producer Jordan Peele. The director/comedian has been busy recruiting talent for the script for Us, his next foray into the horror genre. Between takes, Peele will be tasked with giving this new series his auteurial vision. The series titled The Hunt, traces events leading to the discovery of several escaped war criminals, targeted one after the other by "The Hunters," a self-appointed team of vigilantes in 1970s New York City. The kicker, these war criminals aren't looking to reintegrate into secular society. "The Hunters" discover the war criminals have reformed and are looking to form the Fourth Reich on new soil.

The series centers on an original idea developed by show creator David Weil, based on his interpretation of real life historical records. Weil will also serve as the co-chair next to Jordan Peele, who will be producing under his Monkeypaw Productions banner, alongside his frequent collaborator Win Rosenfeld. Tom Lesinski and Jenna Santoianni of Sonar Entertainment, complete the list of creative chairs having a say in the project. 

This is Peele's second project with Amazon, his first an unreleased docuseries centered on Lorena Bobbitt, a woman notorious for severing her husband's penis after finding out about his adulteries. Jordan Peele describes "The Hunt" as exactly what he'd like to see on television. In his words, the opportunity was too good to pass up.