Jordyn Woods is on the hot seat for her "insensitive" photos in which she is sporting a black headscarf while posing in front of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Jordyn and her family have jetted off to Abu Dhabi, and during their trip to the capital of the UAE, they decided to pay a visit to the Grand Mosque. Jordyn documented their day at the place of worship, which boasts the title as the largest mosque in the country of the UAE. In one photo, she and her mother, Elizabeth, and her younger sister, Jodie, snuggle up for a selfie in front of the site, all donning traditional black headscarfs. Jordyn captioned the photo of her and her lookalikes, "Triplets take on the Grand Mosque."

While some praised the post and the Woods' girls beauty, Jordyn also received plenty of criticism. "Haram and you have mocked our religion in an offensive way..." one user commented. Another wrote, "The whole point of the hijab is to cover your hair .... wtf." One user was upset at the perceived double standard of the photo. "Oh so if they wear it they're praised but when muslim girls wear it their [sic] bashed and called terrorists??" they wrote. Some of Jordyn's followers felt differently, one even thanking her for showing respect to their culture. "Beautiful Mar sha allah," the user commented. "Thank you for respecting the moslem community by wearing the abaya. You and yr family should ignore the negative comments of some people. Instead of giving negative comments they should have shown gratitude for you and yr family honouring the moslem religion as you've shown great respect by covering before entering the mosque."

Jordyn responded to the backlash with a video of her strutting in slow motion in her abaya, adding an explanation in the caption. "For those of you that don’t know in order to enter the Mosque you must wear an Abaya," she wrote. "It was such an amazing experience getting to see the beauty of another culture. The view from my hotel though, is everything." She also shared some solo shots of her visit to the mosque, simply captioned, "views."