Jorge Masvidal has been chirping at Kamaru Usman for a while now and it has led to a pretty huge beef. Of course, Usman is the current UFC Welterweight champion while Masvidal holds the BMF title that he won against Nate Diaz. Masvidal is seen as one of the best knockout artists in the UFC right now whereas Usman has been lauded for the way he is able to last all five rounds. Masvidal doesn't like the way Usman fights and has been begging for a shot at the Welterweight title.

Well, it looks like that might happen thanks to a tweet today from none other than UFC legend and current fighter, Daniel Cormier. Cormier said that yesterday, both fighters agreed to go up against each other. For now, a date has yet to be determined although it will be up to the UFC in terms of whether or not it's ever going to happen.

This is a fight numerous UFC fans have been waiting on so hopefully, Dana White can get it done. Masvidal is one of the most exciting fighters out there right now and it's only fair that he gets his shot at the belt.

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