Jorja Smith showed up to the 2020 BRIT Awards on Tuesday in a polka-dotted, warm-toned jumpsuit, and was just curious what you thought her super power might be based on the signature Jean Paul Gaultier-patterned outfit. The singer rocked a garment bearing one of JPG's signature patterns seen on other pieces worn by the likes of Cardi B and, most recently, Kim Kardashian. The combination of the pattern and colours may closely resemble a heat map, but coupled with the style of the piece, the certified bombshell appears to have come straight out of Marvel or DC. It seems that Jorja is well aware of that, as she took to Instagram to ask what exactly her super power would be.

The responses were plentiful, and honestly, not surprising. Considering the outrageous and downright disgusting remarks people make about her not only on her Instagram posts but in their own tweets as well, the comments on this particular photo are actually pretty tame. Still, the usual lustful admirers were hard at work drooling over Jorja, some replying that her power is "making grown men cry" and another saying it's "making me simp for you." Other answers were less PG, but take a scroll through the comment section and you're bound to see tons of explicit "powers."

 Jorja Smith BRIT Awards 2020 red carpet knockout super power Jean Paul Gaultier super heroGareth Cattermole/Getty Images