Jorja Smith has successfully secured herself as the hottest singer to come out of the UK in the recent years. Obviously, her gorgeous looks go without saying, but more importantly, her sultry vocals and debut album has grabbed the attention of many - even her previous Frank Ocean cover was A+.

Following up on her Lost and Found tape, Jorja recently popped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to share a live performance of her single "February 3rd." Her laid-back rendition was well delivered with a backing band and only got us more ready for her upcoming tour. Jorja is set to embark on an 18-stop adventure in North America beginning on November 19th - cop your tickets here

Not too long Jorja talked about her music making detailing how she's received hate because she's light-skinned, referencing comments on social media that read, she “cannot sing, but what does it matter when you look like that.”

“I understand why people say that ’cause it’s, like, throughout history the lighter you are, that’s how it’s been, innit," she said. "But it’s not my fault! My mom and dad had me, and that’s not my fault! I look how I look. I grew up with my dad telling me, You’re not white. You’re black. I’m mixed race, but I was told, You’re never going to be white, which is true. If it came down to it, and we had a race war, white people wouldn’t accept me.”