If you don't know who Jorja Smith is by now then consider this your moment to really get acquainted with the U.K. bred singer and all that she is. Jorja is only 20-year-olds but her music, that is basically pulled from her diary with some songs helmed from when she was 16, are full of maturity and the most realistic feelings of being in love. 

You may place her sound in a certain genre of music, but Jorja hopes you hear her songs and place it in a genre of its own ."People say I’m pop or soul. I don’t even know. I just think it’s me. When you listen, I hope you realize my voice is its own genre," she tells Playboy. “I wasn’t so confident growing up. I thought I wasn’t thin enough or too tan. Now there are so many people watching me, I have to try to not care.” 

Jorja's first song to be uploaded on Soundcloud was her political track, "Blue Lights" that touches on police brutality and her hometown still being stuck in the aftermath of the 2008 recession. “I really believe that good music always gets found,” she says of taking the leap, that lead to her song getting played on London radio stations. Jorja then dropped her Project 11 EP that got the attention of Drake - fast forward a few years later and she's set to drop her debut album Lost and Found a few days before her 21st birthday. 

“I didn’t know what else I wanted to do. But I definitely didn’t think I’d end up where I am now,” she adds.

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