Joseline Hernandez doesn't even need an OnlyFans page -- although, she possibly should consider starting one after seeing the reaction from her stunt last night. On her show Joseline's Cabaret, the reality television star was taking a dip in the pool with a friend when she decided to go completely topless. Removing her bikini top and skinny-dipping in the water, Zeus aired everything without blurring out the sensitive bits, leaving nothing to the imagination as people rushed to subscribe to the network, reacting on social media.

Joseline is known for her bold personality, becoming a reality television staple over the years. She's entertaining as hell and you can never expect what she'll do next. Last night, she took off her top on television, making for a reactionary moment for many on Twitter.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

"….this how they they doing it this week on Joseline’s show? … ooh iight," remarked one fan on the platform, sharing a photo of Joseline airing it all out. 

The photos are NSFW so, unfortunately, we can't include them here. But you'll be able to see them on Twitter with a quick search. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

We wonder what Wendy Williams will have to say about this. Recently, the two were at odds after Joseline called Wendy "rude" for her negative comments, telling the talk show host to "do better" in the future. Do you think Joseline will end up on Hot Topics this afternoon?