If you're familiar with Josh Hart, then you know he is frequently disrespected when trying to go for a high five with his teammates. Since his days with the Lakers, Hart has been seen dapping himself up after being left hanging. Hart's propensity for being left with his hand in the air has made him a meme of sorts, throughout the NBA. Despite this, Hart has been able to keep a positive attitude and continues to high five himself when left disrespected.

Last night, it was Zion Williamson who gave Hart the cold shoulder. As you can see in the clip below, Hart keeps his hand in the air for at least five seconds but Zion won't even acknowledge him. Hart was to the right of Zion so this can be chalked up to Williamson not seeing his teammate in his peripheral vision. Regardless, it made for a hilarious clip.  

Unfortunately, we don't get to see Hart dap himself up but we're sure it happened. At this point, it seems like Pelicans players are doing it on purpose because they know it will go viral. For some, this bit may be getting stale but you have to admit, it's still pretty funny. Even Hart finds it amusing which is all that matters.