Every year, a brand new NBA 2K game comes out and players throughout the league get upset at their ratings. Ratings can be everything to a player's ego as they are a mark of respect. If you have a high rating, it means people think you are good at certain aspects of basketball. Of course, every year, some of these ratings are inaccurate and need to be patched a few games into the season as the game's developers finally come to grips with the errors of their ways.

Today, NBA 2K21 finally made its way to the market, and Josh hart of the New Orleans Pelicans seemed to be quite upset with his rebound rating. In fact, Hart took to Twitter saying that he was rated a 60 despite averaging seven rebounds off the bench. That's when Ronnie 2K stepped in with a screenshot from the game saying his defensive rebound rating was 79 which is much better than most players at his position.

Of course, Hart could have been talking about offensive rebounding, but regardless, it seems like arguing about these things are kind of arbitrary. After all, it's just a game that can be edited to reflect the reality of the league, at a later date.

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