Former NFL quarterback Josh McCown is off to a hot start at his new job with ESPN. McCown, who recently retired from the NFL after 16 seasons, made his debut on NFL Live Wednesday and promptly blew everyone's minds when revealing his list of the Top 5 wide receivers.

As with every "Top 5" list, there was going to be some debate no matter what. With guys like DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown, AJ Green, Mike Evans, etc. there's simply not room for everybody on the board.

Things started off reasonable enough with Julio Jones, Michael Thomas and OBJ in the Top 3, but shit hit the fan when McCown threw New England Patriots veteran Julian Edelman in at No. 4. There's no doubt that Edelman is a reliable receiver, and he figures to get plenty of touches with Rob Gronkowski now retired, but ranking him fourth best in the game is patently absurd.

Then again, ESPN tends to encourage these types of inflammatory remarks so maybe it's all part of the gig. Check out some of the reactions to McCown's WR picks below.