Josh Rosen's rough start to his career has been well-documented. The quarterback was a top 10 draft pick who went to the Arizona Cardinals in 2018. His first season was one to forget and after securing the first overall pick, the Cardinals opted to draft Kyler Murray which meant Rosen's time with the team was over. This led to a move to the Miami Dolphins, where he ended up being the back up to Ryan Fitzpatrick for much of the season.

Now, the Dolphins have Tue Tagovailoa and it's been clear that Fitzpatrick and Tagavailoa are the two QBs moving forward. With that being said, it's been reported that the Dolphins were looking to trade Rosen, this week. Well, it seems like that's not going to happen as they decided to cut him, instead. According to Adam Schefter, there weren't any teams willing to move pieces for him.

This is certainly bad news for Rosen who now has to face the pressure of finding himself a new team. Most clubs already have a starter which means he would only be going somewhere to be a backup. At this point, his career appears to be up in the air.

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