Both Joyner Lucas and Big Sean have something in common. Though we know little about the "when" of it all, both men are set to drop off new albums by year's end. At least, that's the working theory. In reality, it's hard to pin down what might actually transpire, despite having a few singles from each respective camp. Perhaps, should we be truly lucky, Joyner and Sean will link up for a collaboration. They have, after all, been spending a bit of time together. At least, enough for Joyner to hit him with some mischevious ball-busting on the Gram.

Sean Zanni/Getty Images 

Posted up alongside one another, Joyner made sure to send a few playful shots in Sean's direction, with particular emphasis on their disparity in height. "Big joyner & little sean," he writes, in the caption. "Lol pause." Just to be safe, of course. 

In all seriousness, Big Sean and Joyner linking up on wax would likely make for an epic collaboration. Imagine the healthy competition in the studio, especially if height jokes are flying with wanton disregard for personal insecurities. Is this a lyrical bromance you'd be willing to support? And more importantly, who would you bet on taking down the stronger verse?