One of the most talented lyricists to be gracing the mic today, Joyner Lucas has impressed many on his mixtapes and, especially, with the viral video for "I'm Not Racist." As he continues to grow in popularity, Joyner Lucas is hitting the road on his own cross-country headlining tour. The rapper is seeing his life change before his eyes, naming his tour after one of the most cliche celebrity sayings, "I'm kind of a big deal." His 508-507-2209 mixtape garnered worldwide attention for showcasing his talents as a rhythmic spitter, building his name on the path to a major tour.

As he preps his debut album, as well as a collaborative effort with Chris Brown, Joyner will have more than enough material to keep his fans on their feet for the entire set. Beginning in Toronto, he will travel across 27 cities before rejoining the East Coast for his final show in Boston. Many have become enthralled by Joyner's presence in the rap game, bringing a lyrical quality that is arguably not exploited enough in today's rap scene. With rappers moving more towards melodic structure, Joyner's word-based messages stand out and emphasize his storytelling ability.

Ticket information is currently available on Joyner's website and, with the tour beginning next month, it will be worth it to cop your tickets early. Check out the tour dates below and let us know if you're planning on making it to one of the shows.

May 6 - Toronto, ON
May 7 - Montreal, QC
May 8 - Ottawa, ON
May 9 - Cleveland, OH 
May 10 - Detroit, MI 
May 12 - Springfield, MO 
May 13 - Chicago, IL 
May 14 - Minneapolis, MN 
May 15 - Iowa City, IA 
May 16 - Lincoln, NE 
May 18 - Fort Collins, CO
May 19 - Salt Lake City, UT 
May 20 - Reno, NV
May 22 - Vancouver, BC
May 23 - Seattle, WA 
May 25 - San Francisco, CA 
May 26 - Los Angeles, CA 
May 27 - Phoenix, AZ 
May 29 - Dallas, TX 
May 30 - Houston, TX 
May 31 - New Orleans, LA 
June 1 - Tampa, FL
June 2 - Orlando, FL 
June 3 - Atlanta, GA 
June 5 - Washington, DC 
June 6 - New York, NY 
June 7 - Boston, MA