Joyner Lucas is a social butterfly, there's no other explanation. The rapper recently shared a lengthy and refreshingly heartfelt celebration of the friends he's made along the way, singling out names like Eminem, Logic, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Will Smith, and many more. And that's not even the long and short of it. From the look of it, Joyner has been rubbing shoulders with another Hollywood veteran, taking to Instagram to offer some kind words to his pal Mark Wahlberg.

Joyner Lucas

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

While it's unclear how the pair came to forge a friendship, Joyner hasn't exactly been shy of his appreciation for the Oscar-nominated actor. In a 2017 interview with XXL, Joyner revealed a desire to act alongside Mark Wahlberg, going so far as to predict it as inevitable. "I think the first one, mark my words: Mark Wahlberg. That’s gonna be big actor that I’m gonna have, pause, you know?" he told the publication. "But I think Mark Wahlberg is gonna be the one. I think he’s gonna be the first dude that’s gonna be the one."

Now, it appears as if Joyner's prediction is one step closer to manifesting. Taking to Instagram, the Evolution rapper shared a quick picture of himself and the artist formerly known as Marky Mark, with whom he appears to have forged a deep friendship. "Have a genuine love for this guy @markwahlberg," captions Joyner. "Thank you for everything & im forever grateful to have you in my corner." Check out the picture below, and sound off -- do you think Joyner Lucas will one day share the screen with Mark Walhberg? After all, Post Malone recently checked that one off his bucket list, so who knows?