Tory Lanez is starting to feel like the guy who shit-talks during a PS4 session, to the point where controllers get lobbed. Still, that hasn't stopped the Canadian from engaging in a post-Joyner Lucas beef "victory tour" of sorts, which included a recent stop on Everyday Struggle. During the conversation, Lanez was his usual confident self, doubling down on his position as the feud's winner.

The idea was given further fuel by his new pal Akademiks, sporting a new hairline of Tory's own design. Lanez proceeded to raise a glass and toast to "the Joyner Kid," doling out an L to the Grammy-nominated rapper; though Ak happily acquiesced in raising his cup, it should be noted that Wayno and Nadeska did not participate. In any case, Joyner got wind of the spectacle, and had a few words for Tory. 

"I think the doctors put something inside his head when he got his new hairline replacement," wrote Joyner, via IG. While the clapback is somewhat harmless, we can only hope that Tory's nonstop provoking is akin to bear-poking. Should Joyner decide to drop another track, however, he better make sure that his A-Game is brought, and nothing less. Nobody wants the PS4 shit-talker to reign supreme forever. The karma police'll getcha.