Joyner Lucas is trolling his fans once again about further delaying the release of his upcoming debut album, ADHD, eight more years, due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus epidemic. The status of the artist's debut album has been up in the air for awhile now, ever since he announced it way back in October of 2018. Last month, he finally gave fans a time frame for when they could expect to hear the project, and a few weeks later, he announced that the official release date would be March 27th, 2020. Now, with the worldwide panic surrounding the rising threat of COVID-19, the rapper joked that ADHD would be pushed back another eight years.

"Due to coronavirus I have decided to push my album back another 8 years," he tweeted on Thursday. "I just want to ensure everybody’s safety. I’m sorry to everyone who’s been waiting. March 27th 2028 is the new date.. Be safe everyone." This is certainly not the first time that Joyner has joked about putting off his album's release for an outrageous amount of time. Last summer, he teased that it would be "another 5 years" before ADHD would be released.

Joyner Lucas delay album release date joke coronavirus ADHD epidemic outbreak spread virus disease illnessJason Kempin/Getty Images

Although delaying a project's release eight whole years because of coronavirus would seem pretty excessive if it were true, many artists are taking similar though less drastic measures to ensure their safety. Cardi B delayed the release of the first single off her upcoming sophomore album due to her very public fears surrounding the spread of the deadly disease. Ciara also postponed her concert in Texas this past weekend, after Mariah Carey made the same move for her scheduled show in Hawaii. Release dates for films like the James Bond flick No Time To Die have been delayed, talk shows like The Wendy Williams Show are filming without audiences, and, in recent news, the NBA has suspended all games until the epidemic subsides. Here's hoping this is all over soon.