Joyner Lucas' pen game is nothing to be played with. The rapper's proved it time and time again from his collaboration with Eminem to his recent back-and-forth with Tory Lanez. He's gained praise from legendary rappers in the game while proving he's still one of the hottest new artists in the game. Earlier today, it was revealed that the video his breakout hit, "I'm Not Racist" was nominated for a Grammy. The rapper wrote a lengthy message celebrating the nom while quoting everyone's favorite rainbow-haired rapper.

Among the many accomplishments made by Joyner Lucas this year, getting a Grammy nomination seems to be at the top of the list. The rapper penned a message to his fans earlier today, reflecting on his come-up in the game. 

"Bro i dreamed of this shit. I cried for this shit! I'm the fucking UNDERDOG!!" He wrote on Instagram, "Im a young n***a from NEW ENDLAND MASSACHUSETTS and the ONLY rap n***a who made it this far where I'm from. I direct my all my own videos. Me and @btproulx work our ass of to make this shit come to life... n***az told me NOT TO RELEASE IM NOT RACIST. I went against the grain. I'm the only n***a nominated that directed his own video."

After thanking his fans, Lucas had a message for anyone who doubted him and quoted the infamous words of Tekashi 6ix9ine while he was at it.

"To anybody who ever stood in my way and made it difficult for me and counted me out," he wrote. "In the words of 6ix9ine 'SUCK MY DICK!!!'"

Peep his reaction below.