This week, Kanye West's Twitter feed once more became the root of much controversy and conversation as he sparked a new spat with Drake and became increasingly vocal of his journey with his mental health and the gradual traction that the topic is gaining in music. 

In his digital stream of consciousness, Twitter 'Ye also went on to express his content with the music he's been creating as of late and suggested that what he's been working on since being off his medication for six months has sparked in him the same energy that came of his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. 

"Remember when dark fantasy came out I used to tweet a storm also," he wrote.

Naturally, Fantasy is universally considered to be top tier Kanye West and the suggestion that his new work could mirror that era raised beacons of hope for many fans, including a hopeful Joyner Lucas. In light of the new revelation, Lucas took it upon himself to go ahead and shoot his professional shot and tweet out his desire to hop on a verse alongside Kanye, citing MBDTF as one of his top five albums.

"Kanye said he working on dark fantasy vibes again," the "All I know is that’s one of my top 5 fav album of all times [...] I hope I can grace at least 1 verse 

It's certainly an interesting prospect to consider.

Sound off with your thoughts below. Are you checking for a Joyner/Kanye collab?