Joyner Lucas is ready for all the smoke. Yesterday, the Worcester rapper called out Tory Lanez for claiming to be a better rapper. He challenged him to a battle, asking him to bring his toughest bars so they can determine who was the best out of the two. Joyner clearly has confidence in his ability as an emcee. He may be a relative newcomer in the game but he can hang with the best of them when it comes to actual rapping ability. Tory Lanez responded this morning by absolutely bodying the "Lucky You Freestyle," answering the challenge as we now wait for Lucas to fire back. We won't be waiting for too long though because Joyner says he just needs a few minutes to come up with something.

He posted a capture of an Instagram Live session between Tory Lanez and Trippie Redd as the two joked that Lanez will hop on a Joyner beat and make people forget that the Massachusetts artist was even on the song. Trippie may be wishing he didn't get involved because now, he's being included in the upcoming record. "Love waking up to smoke," replied Joyner. "Don’t go to sleep @torylanez. And @trippieredd I got suttin for yo ass too. Give me a few."

It sounds like before the end of the day, we'll be hearing Joyner strike back in his attempt to prove he's the best. Count us in for this.