JPEGMAFIA, or Peggy, for short, has been slowly building up one of the strongest fan bases in the music industry, and he's doing it organically. His most recent endeavor is a short film series titled How To Build A Relationship. Part 1 of this series was only 15-minutes long, but was jampacked with content. Most notable was the conversation with the fan-favorite Danny Brown - who spends most of the scene reminiscing how "cold" his bars used to be. The two of them discussed leaving a legacy and how being authentically themselves has helped them do so. The conversation happens over a few glasses of wine, so it is funny throughout.  

The latest installment of How To Build a Relationship opens up with Peggy giving an autotune-heavy rendition of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" to hundreds of fans at what appears to be a sold-out show. Throughout the 25-minute episode, Peggy shares insight into his life and childhood. We see clips from several live shows intertwined with clips of him describing childhood photos. "I don't know who dressed me in this shit, but... Why?", he asks after sharing one of the photos. 

The episode ends similarly to the last, but instead of talking with Danny Brown, Peggy invites another one of his musical inspirations, Lykke Li, a Swedish singer-songwriter. Again, the conversation is light and casual but dense in nature. The stand out might be DJ Dahi telling the Swedish artist that she's singing "out of pocket", which helped her realize the importance of vocal rhythms to a listener.