Jr Smith knows a real Giorgione from a fake. After bringing his rep to an all-time low in the NBA Finals, "Henny God" spared a minute to salute a fellow goofball Swaggy P. The two guards squared up against one another during the Cavs/Warriors, with JR Smith arguably the better player overall, playing a more prominent role in his team's playoff push. In the end, it was Nick Young who came away with championship ring. Evidently the minute you step foot on the court, even just once, you become eligible for a ring. Had he not received any playing time, his symbiotic role towards overall team chemistry still lands him the distinction of a Champion.

Showing the type of empathy which has made JR Smith a favorite amongst his teammates, the Cavs sent out congratulations to Nick Young via Instagram. The post comprised of a picture of Nick Young popping Ace of Spades on the tarmac, extends a warm hand, in the event of crushed feelings. Smith calls Young one of his own, meaning they both share a membership to the esteemed #NoShirtBrothers club.

To quote Randy Bobandy from Trailer Park Boys, "Aw the shirt thing again, look I don't wear shirts." Neither does JR or Nick Young or so it would seem. Why get overly complacent with all those Nike jerseys ripping at the collar.

Makes you wonder.