Lil Uzi Vert separated from his longtime girlfriend Brittany Byrd back in 2016. Since their breakup, the next relationship the Philly rapper has ever gone public with is his budding romance with City Girl's rapper JT. While the two seem very happy with each other, their union has not been without small scuffles in the road. For the past few days, JT has been involved in a heated social media beef with Byrd after she suspected the former girlfriend of her current beau was being shady about the couple's leaked Arena Homme + magazine cover.

She began with the more gentle thought, "All jokes aside for someone who left someone the obsession is real, move on ... be happy live your life!" before fully airing Byrd out. In more recent developments of the drama, Byrd recently took to Instagram to suggest that JT was the victim of domestic abuse, which didn't sit well with her at all.  

Image via Twitter


Image via Twitter

"I offer this to every young girl, every woman or young person following me to never give your whole life to a man, never let a man use you to attack another woman, don't allow yourself to be abused, confused, misused enough to become an abuser. I'm too much of a womanist I am too much of a feminist to, ever allow myself to hate you," said Byrd in an Instagram video many suspect is aimed at JT. 

She continued, "You can call me homeless, but I saw you get three-pieced like a person in a Mayweather fight and asking for a hotel room and a safe environment and it just didn't make me feel good to see that, it made me feel sorry for the girls who think that abuse is okay. You can call me everything but a child of God but I never wanna see a woman get beat, I wanna use this platform for good forreal."  

In response to this, JT shared a hot-tempered message in her Instagram story reading, "I never saw that sick a*s b*tch a day of my life!!"

She continued to deny the claims on Twitter, tagging Byrd in the tweets suggesting she made the whole thing up. Check out screengrabs of the drama above and below. Uzi has notably kept quiet through the whole debacle.