There's no more hiding for Lil Uzi Vert and JT. The two are happily couple'd up, showing off their love following a confusing start to their relationship. After being mentioned in song lyrics for the last year, Uzi and JT have finally gone public with their relationship, sharing boo'd up pictures following Brittany Byrd's claims that Uzi was still texting her on the regular. Now, they just can't hide their affection as Uzi seemingly has JT wrapped around his little finger.

During a recent shopping trip, the two rappers posted a bunch of pictures and videos from their outing, including one where Uzi requests a quick little twerk from his girlfriend. "Make it clap for me," asked Uzi on his Instagram Stories, to which JT obliged.  She was wearing oversized sunglasses, pink biking shorts, matching shoes, and a casual Helmut Lang sweater. 

On her own page, JT didn't share the twerking video, but she did post pics with her man, declaring herself "the chosen one" in her caption after the brief love triangle formed on Sunday. 

After the media circus that has surrounded JT and Lil Uzi Vert at the beginning of their relationship, fans are finally opening up to the idea of them being the next rap power couple, sharing their opinions on the new couple. The majority of people seemingly think they're cute together, but they can't escape the idea of seeing them out in public together, pointing out how short they are.

Do you think they'll last?