Juelz Santana has been somewhat forthright with his fans concerning his recent legal troubles. Last week he came to Instagram to share an ankle monitor photo with his fanbase. Yesterday, he came back to his platform to share a photo of his smirking self with the caption, "U Crazy For 4 Believing Every Thing U Hear..." Considering the timing of this post and the use of the term "crazy", the caption can be interpreted as a response to the concerns over his mental health. Santana seems to remain unbothered despite the substantial legal trouble he faces.

On June 30th, Jennifer Powers, a federal pretrial services officer, stated her belief that Santana was in immediate need of a mental health evaluation as well as treatment. It is reported that her request was approved and to be set in motion immediately. The reason for this request has yet to be divulged publicly.

The rapper is potentially facing 20 years in federal prison. Charges filed against him include possession of a weapon as a previously convicted felon and carrying a firearm on an aircraft. Unprescribed oxycodone was also found in his belongings. In other words, Juelz Santana may or may not have been out of his mind when he allegedly tried to smuggle weapons and drugs on a plane. The issues might, unfortunately, prevent the Dipset reunion many fans would appreciate.