Leave it to Twitter to point out all of Society's major flaws, including Juelz Santana's declining dental health. In all fairness, before the question was raised on Twitter, I never knew Juelz to have "poor teeth," let alone missing molars. I guess when you're a moderately rich rapper, the option to replace those molars with gold fronts is more than enticing.

Juelz Santana's legal troubles are public knowledge, there's no skirting around the issues. When the courts modified Juelz' house arrest arrangement, the Dipset fans let out a "soul clap." Juelz would score another W when The Diplomats released the latest in a series of comeback projects.

During the promotional run for the album's release, Juelz Santana revealed to a television audience that he was missing many of his teeth. How's that for forthrightness? The "news item" was sandwiched between well-meaning talking points concerning the group's musical output. While the moderator cleverly managed to get the discussion back on track, the issue of Juelz's missing teeth reappeared on Twitter where it continues to gain traction. These were some of the cruder moments in the debacle commenters have resorted to calling "Chewelz."