Juelz Santana was supposed to come home last week but, as his wife Kimbella says, "some shit happened" and his release was delayed. Fortunately, the 38-year-old rapper didn't need to wait too long, staying behind bars for another week before things were sorted out. According to Kimbella, he will be coming home today.

Four hours ago, Juelz's wife posted a video on his page, telling the world that she was waiting outside of the prison waiting for her husband to be released.

"Juelz was supposed to get released last Tuesday but some shit happened," she said. "But we're outside of the prison now and he's gonna be released any minute. And I'll leave it all up to him when he gets out. Stay tuned!"

Kimbella looks like she couldn't be happier to welcome her man back home. 

Juelz was previously scheduled to end the year in prison, being granted a February 2021 release date. His legal team has been fighting hard for him though, shaving some months off of his sentence.

Fernando Leon/Getty Images

He is currently serving time for fleeing from the airport, where he was arrested for carrying an unconcealed weapon in his bag. At the time of his arrest, he ran out of the airport and left his bag, wallet, and identification behind.

Welcome home, Juelz!