Although Juelz Santana was recently denied bail for his gun and drug bust at Newark Airport, things may be looking up for him in the slightest. An exclusive source has told Bossip that the rapper's case has been dropped by the state of New Jersey. While this may not mean much in the long run as the case is still being handled federally, Juelz is at least partly off the hook with this new development.

You'll recall Juelz Santana was caught with an unconcealed handgun in his bag while going through TSA. Shortly after he realized his error, he reportedly ran away from the airport and left his passport, identification, luggage, and bag behind. The "Dipset" artist was denied a bail package on Monday, being forced to spend further time behind bars. Santana has been in jail since March 12 but the case being dropped by the state could mean good things for his freedom in the future.

While this legal hiccup will almost certainly delay Juelz's I Can't Feel My Face collaboration with Lil Wayne further, fans have waited an absurdly long time for the project and can afford to be patient for a few more months. The collab has been hinted recently by both sides as talk sped up this year after it seemed like the public's hope for ICFMF had died down. We will continue to keep you updated as developments happen in the legal proceedings.