The ups and downs continue for Juelz Santana, following his short-lived fugitive run earlier in the month. First off, he was denied bail for his drug and gun charges, then this past week things started looking up in the case. The state of New Jersey decided to dismiss his case, in light of his scheduled court appearance on April the 9th. The possibility that Federal Authorities would choose to take on his case loomed in the distance. Well it so happens they did, choosing to go forward with their prosecution at the U.S. Supreme Court.

This case falls on a year in which U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions promised the "toughest possible charges and sentences against crime suspects." The roll backs show a gulf of difference between federal policy and and actual sentiment when and where it counts. 

Juelz will remain behind bars pending a hearing, which will effectively sort out his residency as the State builds its case. We'll be following this case closely in the coming months. Whether you like Juelz Santana or not, if it boils down to the Criminal Justice System making an example out of rappers with age old policies, you can bet that hip hop will support its own.

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