Late last week, Juelz Santana was caught at the airport with an unconcealed firearm, breaking a New Jersey law stating that airplane passengers must have the weapon concealed in a hard case that is specifically made for the gun. After he realized his mistake, Juelz fled the scene, allegedly leaving behind his passport and luggage as he raced away. The rapper turned himself in yesterday and new reports suggest that, following his arrest, he will be jailed until his preliminary hearing on March 26. 

local New Jersey newscast has confirmed that Santana will remain in federal custody pending a hearing on his weapons charges. They gave slightly more insight on the situation at the airport, informing that "an FBI task force officer wrote [in a criminal complaint] that [Juelz Santana] had been waiting to board a flight from Newark to San Francisco on Friday when security personnel discovered a .38-caliber derringer pistol in his carry-on bag." Santana has been formally charged with attempting to bring a handgun on an aircraft as well as possession of a firearm as a convicted felon.

Juelz has been ordered to remain in jail until at least March 26, when a hearing will be held to determine the consequences of his actions. The hearing is currently scheduled for 2 pm.