As fans continue to pray for the arrival of Lil Wayne's collaborative album with Juelz Santana, the Dipset member has been experiencing a slew of struggles over the course of the year. I Can't Feel My Face appears to be complete but if the duo wants to go on tour to support the project, they'll have to deal with Juelz's mom tagging along. The rapper is currently under house arrest but he is allowed to tour under the simple condition that his momma joins. An odd stipulation, the Judge decided his mother would be his keeper for the next while as his legal situation is sorted out. Juelz recently showed off his ankle monitor on Instagram, showing that his legal trouble is far from over.

The Diplomats are going on tour this summer but Santana will only be able to make a few of the scheduled dates. Authorized to drive to each stop on the tour, it will be a long and tiring task for Juelz and his mom to hit each city but it makes sense, given the nature of his arrest in an airport, that the Judge would halt him from flying. Rocking his ankle bracelet with some Don C sneakers, the rapper doesn't seem to be too preoccupied about his legal woes, focusing predominantly on how fresh his kicks are in the caption.