The off-the-dome freestyle is not dead. While it's not quite thriving, some of today's young rappers have been doing their best to preserve the lost artform of spontaneous bars. One such disciple is Chicago rapper Juice WRLD, who has revealed his gift on many an occasion, including fifty-straight minutes over a medley of Eminem beats. In fact, Juice has developed a reputation as one of the game's best freestylers, and it's no wonder he's quick to jump in any given cypher. As it happens, one popped off during a recent studio session, prompting fellow Chance The Rapper to showcase his own impromptu lyrical worth.

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

While a smooth instrumental provides the backdrop, Juice and Chance get in the zone, trading off bars with notable chemistry. At the onset Juice continues to solidify himself as a smooth operator, with Chance hitting his stride around the midway mark. "I own protection, I keep mine safe," he raps, sparking cheers from those in attendance. "I embrace anybody that come to me from the human race, but I still fuck with black people heavy! You gotta understand I used to ride a Chevy." Sometimes, the spontaneous bars are imbued with the most charm.

It's cool to see both artists thriving in their element, keeping a longstanding hip-hop tradition alive. Anyone who has ever participated in a freestyle session likely understands the raw pleasure of partaking, and props to Chance and Juice for holding it down for the masses.