Juice WRLD was spotted in the studio with producer Rex Kudo next to a cluttered arrangement of pro tools and take-out boxes. In a photo posted overnight on social media, Juice WRLD, Rex, and his engineer are pictured posing next to the venerable M.I.A. of all people.

Turns out Rex was in effect, the proper conduit to lure the seldom-seen UK rapper out of hiding. Her appearance in the studio opposite Rex and Juice, coincides with the buzz building over the MATANGI/MAYA film project which dropped a few days ago. Her re-emergence places her at about the same vantage point she left behind.

On her last record, M.I.A. rekindled her relationship with the producers that helped forge her kaleidoscopic sound. Furthermore, M.I.A. seems to be tangibly aware of Juice WRLD presence in the universe, and of his eclectic potential as a collaborative talent.

The session seems to have taken place in London, where M.I.A. is normally situated. The LA producer Rex at the center of the photo has produced for the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, Future, Nav, Young Thug, and Post Malone, so it's not completely unfathomable to see him at the center of this unlikely union. Make no mistake about it, M.I.A. that Juice WRLD presents her the unique opportunity the reach the youngest denominator. She does, after all, have a legacy of trailblazing to uphold.