Prior to his sudden passing in December 2019, Juice WRLD was in the process of assembling an impressive discography. At twenty-one years old, Juice had already built a following with albums like Goodbye & Good Riddance and his official debut album A Death Race For Love. Considering both his inherent talent level and his versatile mind, many had speculated that the young rapper was destined for musical greatness -- some might even argue that he had achieved it already. 

Juice WRLD

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

And while the game will never see an original project from Juice WRLD again, his team has been working behind-the-scenes to keep the legacy alive. They already delivered one posthumous album in Legends Never Die, which quickly became one of the year's biggest commercial releases so far. And now, collaborator Lil Bibby has confirmed that a follow-up project is currently in the works, though he neglects to provide further information on the matter.

Provided he recorded enough material prior to his death, it's entirely possible that Juice's team is able to build a cohesive project that stands in line with his original vision. It goes without saying that fans tend to fall into two camps when it comes to posthumous releases; where some view a soulless cash-grab, others celebrate the preservation of memory. No matter where you stand, expect to hear another release from the Juice WRLD camp before long, possibly even next year. For now, details remain relatively scarce -- though thanks to Lil Bibby, we know now it exists.