Juice Wrld passed away months ago, but his legend is still making waves within the industry. Of course, we know that his music will forever resonate with fans. However, seeing the late rapper gain accolades posthumously is still amazing. The iHeart Music Awards announced on Friday (September 4) Juice was blessed with the Hip Hop Album of the Year award for his 2019 album Death Race For Love. “Recognizing the incredible music @JuiceWorlddd gave to us during his time on earth,” iHeart wrote on their Twitter. “Honoring the late rapper with the 'Hip-Hop Album Of The Year' award for his masterpiece, 'Death Race For Love.' Rest In Peace Juice.”

The 2020 iHeart Music Awards was formerly slated for March 29. COVID-19 ruined that though, and the event was originally postponed. Then, on August 24, the award show canceled outright. iHeartRadio decided to just announce the winners through social media instead of doing something like last week's VMA, where they socially distanced. Juice's win follows in the footsteps of Drake’s Views in 2017 and Kendrick Lamar’s Damn in 2018. The award was not given out at the 2019 event. How do you feel about Juice winning this award, and are you still bumping Death Race For Love?