Freestyling's become a lost art over the years with many of the game's top artists finessing audiences into believing they're dropping heat on the spot when in actuality, they just memorized an unreleased verse. Juice WRLD's undoubtedly one of the best freestylers in his generation of rappers coming out and he proved it time and time again during radio interviews and studio sessions. With the release of Death Race For Love, the rapper revealed that he didn't write down a single bar on the project.

Lisa Lake/Getty Images

After Juice WRLD's girlfriend said that she witnessed the "Lucid Dream" rapper freestyle every song on Death Race For Love, the rapper said that he felt he needed recognition for his skills.

"I don’t need anyone to [write] shit for me I freestyled my whole album by my mf self not knocking any writers or artist who have them but I just can’t sit here and not get the credit I deserve. with that bring said ..I FREESTYLED FAST FUCK I LOOK LIKE," he wrote. "Video proof of me not needing anyone’s help to make hit songs I have my own brain and creative playground that’s something God gave me that no one could take from me ..fucking pidddddd."

What's even more impressive is that Juice WRLD's new album is on pace to sell over 150K in its first week and debut at number one on the Billboard 200. Juice WRLD had a massive 2018 but 2019 is already looking like his year.