Without any legal representation for Juice WRLD's estate, Yellowcard's $15 million lawsuit against the late rapper has been placed on hold for the time being. We had a feeling this might happen after it was revealed that Juice WRLD's estate had not yet appointed a representative to handle all legal affairs, leading to the dragging of a lawsuit brought forth by pop-punk band Yellowcard. 

Juice WRLD lawsuit
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The premise of the lawsuit stems from Yellowcard's belief that they should have gotten a piece of the pie from the Chicago rapper's hit single "Lucid Dreams," which uses a very similar melody to their song "Holly Wood Died." The band is asking for $15 million in damages but, without anybody in charge of Juice WRLD's estate at the moment, it is being reported that a Los Angeles judge ordered for the case to be paused until that situation is handled. As of now, the hold appears to be indefinite, allowing the late artist's family time to appoint somebody appropriate to his legal affairs.

Juice WRLD's family and his team at Grade A Productions have stated that the rapper has over 2,000 songs stashed away, ready to be released posthumously. While we're sure not all of these will see the light of day, future bodies of work have been confirmed.

Rest in peace, Juice WRLD.