Juice WRLD found himself in cahoots with a landlord who he thought he'd be signing a lease with. The rapper was interested in renting a home in the Los Angeles area and sat down with a prospective landlord for it. Unfortunately, things went wrong in the process, resulting in a major financial loss for the rapper.

David Banks/Getty Images


According to The Blast, the rapper was nearly set to rent out of a home in Tarzana but there were certain things he needed to get done before signing the lease. Due to the fact the home would be occupied by artists, it "needed to conform to certain specifications and dimensions." The suit states that Juice WRLD was "assured that the space, layout, and capacity of the House was fit for the particular purpose. Since the landlord made the promise, Juice WRLD went ahead to drop $160K deposit on the house.

Things started getting tricky between both parties once negotiations came into play. The rapper said that he flew to L.A. to check out the home to see if it were to his liking. He later decided he wouldn't be renting it out and expected to have his deposit refunded in full based on his conversation with the landlord but ultimately, that didn't happen. The rapper claims the landlord held onto $52K and said it was because because they held the house presuming Juice WRLD would take it, they suffered damages and paying the agent.

Juice WRLD now wants his money back as well as additional damages.